Torque Pro Mod APK latest

Torque Pro Mod APK latest : Torque Pro APK Download  Latest Version free for Android now.You can understand your car more with the ultimate tool to monitor OBD and car performance in real-time.Torque Pro is a helpful application for users to monitor engines, transmission, and other car parameters. The app is compatible with mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms. For Torque Pro to work, you need to use an OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter.

Torque Pro is a paid version of Torque Lite, so you need to buy from Play Store before downloading and installing this app. However, we will show you how to get Torque Pro for free with just a few simple steps in this article.

Torque Pro Mod APK latest
Torque Pro Mod APK latest

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Torque Pro Mod APK

Name Torque Pro
Compatible with 4.1
Latest version
Developer Ian Hawkins
Google play link org.prowl.torque
Price Free
Size 0 bytes
Category Communication

This application is one of the trusted applications from publisher Ian Hawkins with over 1 million downloads on Google Play. Users can easily find beneficial applications right on their store. They are often tools for you to read the control system of cars. There is information that “Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)” is the paid version and “Torque Lite (OBD 2 & Car)” is the free version. Both are almost the same as surely the Pro version will have more upgraded features. But for our apk file, the pro version has been unlocked already.

Torque Pro Features

Why should you download Torque Pro? Well, there are a ton of different benefits and characteristics to access. All of these are super-helpful for anyone who wants to always be aare of the condition of their vehicle.

  • Get access to a Dynometer and Horsepower monitor.
  • Additionally, you can check out the temperatures of your own vehicle’s transmission.
  • Get accurate speed timings. In fact, these timings are way more precise in comparison to your own GPS. So, see just how fast your vehicle truly is.
  • Get a full read on your CO2 emissions.
  • Your Dashboard and various profiles are also fully customizable.
  • Also, the Track Recorder feature can keep a log of your own travels. Get onscreen black screen for your vehicle, AKA OBDII.
  • Unfamiliar with a manufacturer fault code? Don’t worry, there is a huge database of various fault codes to track what the issue is.
  • Personalize your application with various theme selections and options for your device.
  • And, you can transfer any information via various file options through email or the web. Therefore, you can easily read and access this information from other compatible apps, like Open Office or Excel.
  • Get alarms and notifications of any warnings that may occur with your car or truck. In addition, there are voice and speech options to easily understand what is going on.
  • Al information can also be displayed through a graph for ease of access.
  • Not only this, but your data can be screenshotted and shared across various social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more.
  • Even better, the Torque Pro application is compatible with multiple devices, aside from your phone. Use this useful tool on your Tablet and other Android devices and platforms.

Download Torque Pro Mod Apk

Torque Pro is a paid application that costs $ 4.99 on the Android app store. Usually, when your car has a problem, the first thing you do is to take it to the garage. However, most everyday problems are not as serious as you think which you can fix it easily. Torque Pro helps smartphones or tablets connect to cars via Bluetooth to diagnose and give advice on these problems. Some errors can be fixed early without the need for a car warranty center.

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