Omlet Arcade APK 1.74.1 latest

Omlet Arcade APK 1.74.1 latest : Download Omlet Arcade APK Latest version Free for Android if you are a streamer looking for an easy app that will help you live stream! The largest mobile game social network.Omlet Arcade is the easiest way to live stream and record all your favorite games including Minecraft, Clash Royale, and more.

Show off your gameplay by streaming to Omlet, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch! Open any game and a floating button will pop up, letting you live stream and chat without any messy setup.Create and grow your following.

Omlet Arcade APK 1.74.1 latest
Omlet Arcade APK 1.74.1 latest

Information of Omlet Arcade APK 1.74.1


Name Omlet Arcade
Compatible with 4.4
Latest version 1.74.1
Developer Omlet, Inc
Google play link mobisocial.arcade
Price Free
Size 29.76 MB
Category Video players & editors

Features of Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is an all-in-one live streaming and screen recording app. It will make your life easier if you’re into live streaming. Aside from that, there are tons of features which makes this app one of a kind! Here are they:

Live stream – The primary purpose of Omlet Arcade is to allow people to live stream easily! Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge in the world of streaming, you can instantly set up a streaming channel thanks to Omlet Arcade! In this app, you can create and customize a profile and link your games to the app. Then, you can instantly stream by just tapping some buttons. Aside from that, you can stream in Omlet, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch all from your phone! No need for computers when you can do it all on a phone.

Pro Play – Pro Play is a new feature in Omlet Arcade that allows you to have 1-1 private gaming sessions with any streamer or follower! You can rank up together, coach them or just spend some time with them thanks to this feature. This is an awesome feature that will allow you to get close to your followers!

 In-app Currency and Donations – Omlet Arcade allows you to earn money livestreaming thanks to the donations feature. In Omlet Arcade, viewers can buy Omlet tokens to send to buy cool in-app features. You can then earn more money as more viewers are watching you and sending tokens to you.

Squad Streaming – Who says you should always be alone when streaming? Thanks to the Squad Streaming feature of Omlet Arcade, you can now create squads to invite your friends to stream as well! Now, you can all stream at the same time to create unique experiences.

In-game Voice Chat – Live streaming wouldn’t be complete without voice chats. Omlet Arcade supports in-game live voice chat to make it easy to coordinate gameplays.

 Clubs – You can also create and join clubs in Omlet Arcade! In here, there are tons of other things you can do aside from gaming such as drawing, roleplay and more!

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